Our Story

Who we are & what we do

Who We Are…

Northeast Pennsylvania (NEPA) Regional Ski for Light (SFL) and Sports for Health (SFH) is a regional group of Ski for Light International. Our purpose is assisting visually impaired individuals to participate in, and enjoy, a variety of outdoor activities in both the winter and summer.

We are a small group of 30-60 adults who gather in a casual atmosphere to enjoy indoor and outdoor activities, as well as each other’s friendship. All activities are available to all participants, and are located in or around the facility. Transportation is provided to activities at off-site locales.

The NEPA Sports for Health program was started in 1979, and the NEPA Ski for Light program in 1982. In October 2000, NEPA SFL/SFH was Incorporated in the State of Pennsylvania as a non-profit 501(C)(3) organization.  Our purpose as stated in the Articles of Incorporation is “to arrange and coordinate recreational sports and related activities that bring sighted and blind individuals together in an effort to enable blind individuals to participate in and experience such activities that may require sighted assistance.”  The motto of Ski for Light is “If I can do this, I can do anything.”

We are an all volunteer organization with both guides (sighted) and participants (vision impaired or blind) paying their own way.  The management of the organization consists of a ten member Board of Directors. Board members are guides and participants chosen from both programs.

NEPA SFL History

In 1964, a blind Norwegian singer, entertainer, and skier Erling Stordahl organized a cross-country ski event for the blind in the mountains of Norway. A blind or visually impaired skier was paired with a sighted skier for a 25 K race. This became known in Norway as the “Ridderrennet”. In 1975, the program was brought to the U.S. and given the name “Ski for Light”. The Sons of Norway organization adopted this new idea, and helped organize the first program which was held in Summit County, CO. Since then, Ski for Light International has become an annual event, taking place in different parts of the country, with participants from the US, Canada, Europe, and Japan.

Interest was expressed in creating a regional ski program. In 1982, on the suggestion of Mary Ellen Brosnan, a blind participant from New York City, a week of Ski for Light was established, and “Ski for Light, North East Pennsylvania Regional” was born.

NEPA SFH History

The very first Sports for Health program was held in 1979. Activities were varied; tandem bicycling, hiking, fitness course, swimming and more, all performed by a blind participant with a sighted guide. The program became an annual event.