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Fall Weekend (Virtual Event)

The Fall Weekend was initiated by the late Ken Mullen. He was the “lead coordinator” for nearly 20 years and provided “adult supervision” over many aspects of both programs. He instituted this short event as a way to “kick back” and relax, enjoy the cooler northeastern autumnal air, and not worry about program activities or details. In fact, the fall weekend is affectionately known amongst the coordinators as the “Non-program Weekend.” The routine for those few days was simply: Eat, walk, talk, repeat. And then go home.

However, this Fall Weekend will be very different from those of yesteryear.  We’ll gather and we’ll talk but we’ll be miles away from each other. We’ll be socializing via computer rather than in-person. And we never had an “official” talent show at a fall event but we’ve proposed one for this year because, well, because we can.

Nevertheless, it will provide an opportunity to exchange greetings and share novel activities. The novelty being that most of what we have planned is not normally done over computer video chat nor telephone.

Therefore, consider yourself invited! Click the link and the coordinator (Ed) will send you the link for the Zoom sessions.

So if you need a little diversion from whatever you’re doing while coping with the pandemic, this is your chance to play with technology that you may not have otherwise explored. Or just hook-up and get caught-up on the old regional Ski For Light experiences and enjoy a time of sharing.

Keep scrolling after my contact info for the schedule of online events.

Remember — You must reply in order to receive the email with the URL link for the event. (It’s free, so don’t fret !!!)

Ed Kenlon – Coordinator
Fall Weekend Schedule of Events:
Friday 6 November.
7:30 P.M. thru 10 P.M.
Ski For Light History Lesson.
Open session.

Saturday 7 November. Three sessions.
First session. 9 A.M. thru 12 Noon.
Exercise Class.
2 of the following activities with the third one falling to the afternoon session.
Uno, Trivial Pursuit, Tech Topics.

Second session. 2 P.M. thru 4 P.M.
Remaining activity from morning session.
Bookshelf discussion. “What’s on your bookshelf?” Referring here to your NLS Player or app.

Third session. 7 P.M. thru 10 P.M.
Mad-Libs. (by Coordinator)
Open session.

Sunday 8 November. Two sessions.
First session. 1 P.M. thru 4 P.M.
Lockdown Stories.
Ice Cream Tea.

Second session. 7 P.M. thru 10 P.M.
Talent Show. (More about how this will be executed during our first evening together. So practice up!)

Ski for Light

The winter program is called Ski for Light and is a regional affiliate of Ski For Light International. Our event is a week long and held annually in January or February depending on when Ski For Light International is held. Vision impaired and blind skiers are paired with a sighted guides for cross country skiing on nearby trails around the lodge. Other activities include:

  • snowshoeing
  • hiking
  • games such as Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit
  • a mystery gift exchange
  • sing-a-alongs
  • silent auction

The week concludes with a semi-formal dinner and a “no-talent” show featuring any member of the group who cares to share any degree of perceived talent.

All are invited to participate. If you have any questions about the winter program, please contact:

Ed Kenlon – Coordinator for Guides
Louise Wood – Coordinator for Vision Impaired


Sports for Health

The summer program is called Sports for Health. The event is usually held in the latter part of July. It is a full week from Sunday evening to the following Sunday morning. In this program, the vision impaired and blind participants are teamed with a sighted guide for such activities as:

  • hiking
  • canoeing and kayaking
  • tandem biking
  • swimming (pool)
  • fly fishing
  • horseback riding lessons (fees and restrictions apply)
  • orienteering using a Braille compass
  • marksmanship

The week concludes with a semi-formal dinner and a talent show featuring any member of the group who is willing to share their talent.

If you have any questions about the summer program or want additional information please contact:
Ed Kenlon – Coordinator